Motodromomania – a real neurosis?


I just started reading On The Road – Successful Motorcycle Touring by Dr. Gregory W. Frazier. On the 2nd page of the book there is a paragraph about a mental disorder that goes like this…

Motodromomania: An extreme form of a psychological disorder associated with motorcycle touring, also known as two-wheel vagabond neurosis. It is classified in the catagory of impulse control disorders. Those diagnosed with this disorder have an abnormal impulse to travel by motorcycle; they often spend beyond their means and sacrifice lovers, jobs, and security in their lust for new two-wheel touring experiences. Motodromomaniacs feel more alive when traveling and no sooner return from a tour than they start planning their next tour. Much of their waking thoughts are spent fantasizing and talking about motorcycle touring and often their nocturnal dreams are filled.”

No kidding that’s what Dr. Frazier wrote so it must be a real disorder.

This hard cover book is only available through the Motorcycle Riders Club of America Riders Club Library and only cost me $9.00

I’ll do a post about the book after I’m done reading it and tell you more about the Riders Club.

You can purchase and read Riding The World also by Dr. Gregory W. Frazier. The Doc has traveled around the globe 4 times by motorcycle. I’m sure this will be a good read.

13 Responses to “Motodromomania – a real neurosis?”

  1. What do they call it when you start planning the next 3 trips even before you go on the first one…Jaymania???

  2. No, I just call that winter.

  3. Right on! I knew there was something wrong with me. This is an awsome opportunity. You can start “Motodromomaniacs Annonymous”. Get a grant for research, ride the country “helping” others cope with this tragic condition. I’m all over it. WE NEED TO FIND A CURE!!…(Hopefully a cure will never be found, but it would be a riot searching for it.)

  4. I haven’t been riding long enough to have the disorder, although I can tell I’m susceptible to it. I love planning for rides, thinking through the routes, etc. I think after this summer I will have a full-blown case of Motodromomania! Help me please!!


  5. Dave & Becky, I’m glad you both see the value in this information. Before I read this, I just thought I was a little obsessed. Now I know we all just suffer from a terrible incurrable disorder and that we have no choice but to give in and not feel guilty about it.

  6. Dave,
    I’m all about the MA research grant! Where do we sign up? 😉

  7. Hey Mrs…

    What a weird coincidence. In my reply to your last comment on my blog, I actually mention dreaming about riding, and I wrote it before reading this post here. Of course, I haven’t been around this long enough yet to have touring mania, but I definitely think I have some sort of riding mania at least!

  8. Joker, bad news. You have a bad bad case of Blackstonehogamania. When combined with the Massachusettes winter doldrums you will definitely go stir crazy before the spring defrost arrives. As for me, I have a terrible case of motoblogamania where I am spending all my free time working on my blog or reading other motorcycle blogs to keep up with who’s doing what in the moto blogasphere.

  9. Joker,
    It only takes one “tour”…grab a couple of friends, pack your saddlebags, and head out for a 3-day weekend somewhere. Trust me, you will be hooked from the get-go! You will spend the entire ride home thinking of where you want to go next, and what routes you could take. For now, happy dreaming! 🙂

  10. I read this book and the Doc absolutely is spot on when it comes to traveling by motorcycle. I bought copies for riding friends for Xmas. It was also done in a way that was interesting, not some boring technical stuff. I also see his work in MOTORCYCLE CONSUMER NEWS and recently subscribed to because he has been signed on there as their “adventure touring” editor. And he did a 5th ride around the world, one with a 63 year-old grandmother of 6 and who had Parkinson’s disease. What a great story! has it.
    Bill Landers
    Touring Rider

  11. Yes Bill, I have read the first three chapters and this is a great book. It’s very interesting and covers many things you would not think of when it comes to world travel by motorcycle. Thanks for the links!

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