Motodromomania – a real neurosis?


I just started reading On The Road – Successful Motorcycle Touring by Dr. Gregory W. Frazier. On the 2nd page of the book there is a paragraph about a mental disorder that goes like this…

Motodromomania: An extreme form of a psychological disorder associated with motorcycle touring, also known as two-wheel vagabond neurosis. It is classified in the catagory of impulse control disorders. Those diagnosed with this disorder have an abnormal impulse to travel by motorcycle; they often spend beyond their means and sacrifice lovers, jobs, and security in their lust for new two-wheel touring experiences. Motodromomaniacs feel more alive when traveling and no sooner return from a tour than they start planning their next tour. Much of their waking thoughts are spent fantasizing and talking about motorcycle touring and often their nocturnal dreams are filled.”

No kidding that’s what Dr. Frazier wrote so it must be a real disorder.

This hard cover book is only available through the Motorcycle Riders Club of America Riders Club Library and only cost me $9.00

I’ll do a post about the book after I’m done reading it and tell you more about the Riders Club.

You can purchase and read Riding The World also by Dr. Gregory W. Frazier. The Doc has traveled around the globe 4 times by motorcycle. I’m sure this will be a good read.