Cruisin’ Down Under – a great blog

Cruisin’ Down Under is a great motorcycle blog by the Australian motorcyclist who goes by the name of Beaker. This YouTube video that he posted 2 days ago from a motorcycle awareness campaigne is a must see. Please visit his blog.

Cruisin’ Down Under
Blogger: the biker from down under known as Beaker
Platform: Powered by Blogger with archives back to June 2005
About: Beaker shows you in picture and story what it’s like to ride in Queensland, Australia. He is still blogging even though he has been sent to a far away land on work assignment. He has a new blog about his experience in Kazakhstan. Check out both these blogs to see these exotic countries through the eyes of a true biker.

3 Responses to “Cruisin’ Down Under – a great blog”

  1. Hahahaha…ahaha……eh….whew. Love it! Always thought about that, but finally got to see it. However, I just had a horrible thought. Remember that guy who went bezerk, stole a tank and started driving it down the freeway? What if some loon took a tank down main street sturgis during bike week. (brrr…shudder)

  2. Awesome isn’t it?! Sorry I don’t remember the tank dude who went berserk. I do know you are doing a great job on your new blog at the Road Grits Cafe. Keep it up.

  3. That’s a great video Jay! I don’t think there’s one of us who wouldn’t like to do that to some of the cagers out there. Sorry mate…didn’t see you…I love it!

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