Dyna Touring Bike – 2 Bikes In 1

Dyna Touring Bike Fully Loaded - Living Large!

The great Buzz Buzzelli of American Rider magazine hits the nail on the head with his article 2 Bikes in 1. He must have read my mind when he wrote this.

Last August I made the decision to upgrade from Sportster to Big Twin. The reason was that my wife and I wanted to do more touring and the Sporty felt cramped for that type of riding. I wanted a bike that would be both Boulevard Brawler and Touring Bike. You can accomplish this by using detachable components. Buzz wrote Any one of Harley’s five FXD models is a perfect candidate for the convertible treatment. For those riders who want the stark minimum in mechanical encumbrance, the FXD Super Glide is clearly the prime choice”.

My opinion differs from Buzz slightly on two counts. First; I found the FXDL Low Rider to be the prime choice over the Super Glide only because it comes set up for 2up riding. This might not apply to women riders who usually ride solo. Secondly; I do not recommend the other three Dyna models only because they have spoke wheels. I don’t want to get a flat, but if I do I’ll be glad I have tubeless tires and a tire repair kit. Someone riding one of the other FXD’s will be SOL! I owe this wisdom to Buzz and his staff at American Rider. That magazine is chock full of practical information and good tips!

Here are the accessories that will transform your bike from sexy to practical:

1.       Backrest with luggage rack

2.       Sissy bar bag

3.       Saddlebags

4.       Windshield

I added all of the above items except the windshield. After reading Buzz’s comments on how the windshield affects low speed handling I may not get one. Handling is important to me and that is the main reason I bought a Dyna rather than a Softail.

You will have to relocate your turn signals if you want saddle bags or a detachable backrest. In my case I wanted both, so turn signal relocation was step one in my conversion project.

Before I ventured off on my first trip I purchased two essential accessories that I hope to get as little use out of as possible:

5.       Rain Gear

6.       Tire Repair Kit.

Keep coming back to my blog for future installments of Dyna Touring Bike. I’ll follow up with posts on each of the above listed accessories. The next installment will cover the turn signal relocation project.

Sexy naked Lowrider    low-rider-with-saddlebags.JPG

Sexy Naked Lowrider              Lowrider With Saddlebags

Fully Loaded and Ready To Rock and Roll

Fully Loaded Dyna Touring Bike

9 Responses to “Dyna Touring Bike – 2 Bikes In 1”

  1. Baby, your bike has so many configurations we call it “The Transformer”!!! 😉

  2. I just wanted to add this is actually 4 bikes in 1. You have Naked Bike, Bike with Saddlebag, Bike with backrest and Bike with both accessories. If I get a shield then I will have 8 total configurations. How’s that grab you Math Lady?

  3. Your “convertible” is a great idea and its just another testament to making “A Harley” into “Your Harley.”

    Before it got wrecked, I had added a pair of hard saddlebags and a detachable windshield to my Sporty. This made all the difference in the world. Having someplace to put stuff was awesome after suffering the indignity of bungee-strapping a “fag-bag” to the bitch seat for nearly 3 months.

    I will have to say though that once I added bags, I have no desire to ever ride without them again. My need and desire to always have a convenient place for anything from an extra sweatshirt to a six-pack far outweighs me missing the “naked” look. I do like the detachable windshield; if it was permanent I’d hate it!

    When I get her out of the shop, I’ll have it all back with an added crash bar, highway pegs, new Mustang seat with backrest and luggage rack, and some Vance & Hines straightshots HS. I can’t wait for Spring!

  4. Howdy, I was happy to add your link to my blog. I will have to come back later when I have more time. We have a family crisis going on. Thanks for stopping by and I will be back later visit your blog. It looks great.

    Biker Betty 🙂

  5. Thanks Biker Betty, I hope everything turns out well. I’ll have to send the Sunshine Dudes to Colorado to visit if anyone is sick or needs cheering up! That’s the guys in our HOG chapter that visit sick members when they have fallen ill. They come to your house and eat all your food. Makes you want to get better so they don’t visit again.

  6. Thanks for the props Joker! Your blog is coming along great. I’m in awe of the pictures and video you added. The Amber Alert ticker and post on a big charity ride for Breast Cancer are very nice. I just want to clarify that I am not trying to personalize this Harley or make it an extension of my personality. My personality is my personality and my bike is my bike. No flames, no skulls and no unnecessary chrome that didn’t come with the bike. I’m strictly adding practical accessories that improve the riding experience for me and Mrs RC. At the moment my budget doesn’t allow for more and my personality doesn’t need extending. It’s already too big for my head. Chrome don’t get you home!

  7. I also have a Harley Lowrider 2005 model. I am debating on the HD quick release model or the one made by Windvest. The one from Windvest looks a lot better….flows with the lines of the bike. I also looked at Memphis Shades but they look inferior to the HD and Windvest models. Any opinions/comments?

  8. Unfortunately I have come to dislike using my HD windshield. I don’t know anyone else who feels the same way but the shield creates turbulance for my head and gives me a headache. I would go with the windvest. In fact you may have sold me and I might get one!

  9. Any other comments on HD quick release model vs. Windvest windshields? Has anyone out purchased a Windvest….any comments?

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