Dyna Touring Bike – 2 Bikes In 1

Dyna Touring Bike Fully Loaded - Living Large!

The great Buzz Buzzelli of American Rider magazine hits the nail on the head with his article 2 Bikes in 1. He must have read my mind when he wrote this.

Last August I made the decision to upgrade from Sportster to Big Twin. The reason was that my wife and I wanted to do more touring and the Sporty felt cramped for that type of riding. I wanted a bike that would be both Boulevard Brawler and Touring Bike. You can accomplish this by using detachable components. Buzz wrote Any one of Harley’s five FXD models is a perfect candidate for the convertible treatment. For those riders who want the stark minimum in mechanical encumbrance, the FXD Super Glide is clearly the prime choice”.

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