Why do we love Harley Davidson?

Is the desire to own a Harley hard wired into the DNA of every red blooded American? You can get a better motorcycle for less money elsewhere! There are other American motorcycles. Why do we still insist Harley is the best?


People all around the world love Harley Davidson motorcycles. Especially here in America! And if you love Harley Davidson’s than you love everything related to them. Heck, I just received a Harley Davidson Monopoly game as a gift. I don’t play Monopoly, but I do like this game! You could give me a drink coaster, key chain or any trinket with the Harley Davidson logo on it and I would like it! Why do we love the Harley Davidson brand? Why is the Harley Davidson logo the most common tattoo to be permanently inked on human flesh? It’s not the outstanding workmanship. It’s not the pricing. According to Steve Bennett in a letter to the editors of Motorcycle Consumer News it’s all due to image! This letter, Separating Motorcycling and H-D, appears in the January 2008 issue.  It can’t be that simple Steve!

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