Vintage Motorcycle Hill Climb Video

Jesper Bram, publisher of Helmet Hair Motorcycle Blog, finds the coolest motorcycle video’s. Not sure how he does it, but you have to check out this movie clip from a 1930’s motorcycle hill climb competition. Click here to see an excellent quality B&W clip of vintage bike racing.

3 Responses to “Vintage Motorcycle Hill Climb Video”

  1. I enjoyed watching the vintae motorcycle video, the guy recording knew where to stand!! It was great, I think my favorite word is “nostalgic’..I love Harley Davidsons, as a chick I don’t own one but love the history and ride with friends. In their groups in OKC. Thanks for sharing! Lisa

  2. Lisa, there are lots of chicks on Harleys! Don’t let that stop you from getting a motorcycle. Check out all the blogs on my Motorcycle Bloggers page. Most of them are by women riders who want to share the experience with the world.

  3. Lisa, the hubby beat me to it but…
    don’t ever let being a woman stop you from riding a Harley, or using power tools, or anything else! 🙂

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