Discovery Channel Addict & Motorcycle Mania


I grew up on dirtbikes. As a practical adult I resisted the urge to ride until the Discovery Channel awoke the rider within me. Now I spend all my time and money on riding! Damn cable TV!

I blame the Discovery Channel! I thought motorcycling was something I did as a kid and had outgrown. I survived my youth on dirtbikes without serious injury and had moved on with my life. Every spring I would get a tiny tiny itch to ride but it would come and go quickly. Then I started to watch the Discovery Channel. I had seen Motorcycle Mania with Jesse James a few times. I watched the lunacy known as American Chopper quite often. But I lived for Biker Build Off! I was hooked from the day I saw Perewitz vs Lane. Watching the super stars of bike building became an addiction. Dave Perewitz represented my home team being that I’m originally from Massachusetts. I came to worship Billy Lane,  Russel Mitchell and Indian Larry. I read and memorized the profile of every builder in Tom Zimberoff’s book Art of The Chopper. I would travel great distances to have the master bike builders sign my Zimberoff book at bike shows. I got autographs from Matt Hotch and Eddie Trotta. I spoke with Perewitz and Lane. I had a few drinks with Russell Mitchell and Paul Yaffe in Ocean City, Maryland during Delamarva Bike Week. I met Indian Larry at a tattoo show in Atlantic City one month before his fatal accident. I yearned to own a bike as cool as the bikes they built.I dreamed of thundering into town on a loud stretched custom with chrome and paint that would shock everyone.  The hottest babes would compete for my attention and beg for a ride. I would take off out of town with a super model holding me tight. We would ride off into the desert as the sun set. I would be the coolest dude ever if I had a customized Harley or chopper. I had become a die hard biker wanna be! It was all because of the damned Discovery Channel! [Read more →]