Motodromomania – a real neurosis?


I just started reading On The Road – Successful Motorcycle Touring by Dr. Gregory W. Frazier. On the 2nd page of the book there is a paragraph about a mental disorder that goes like this…

Motodromomania: An extreme form of a psychological disorder associated with motorcycle touring, also known as two-wheel vagabond neurosis. It is classified in the catagory of impulse control disorders. Those diagnosed with this disorder have an abnormal impulse to travel by motorcycle; they often spend beyond their means and sacrifice lovers, jobs, and security in their lust for new two-wheel touring experiences. Motodromomaniacs feel more alive when traveling and no sooner return from a tour than they start planning their next tour. Much of their waking thoughts are spent fantasizing and talking about motorcycle touring and often their nocturnal dreams are filled.”

No kidding that’s what Dr. Frazier wrote so it must be a real disorder.

This hard cover book is only available through the Motorcycle Riders Club of America Riders Club Library and only cost me $9.00

I’ll do a post about the book after I’m done reading it and tell you more about the Riders Club.

You can purchase and read Riding The World also by Dr. Gregory W. Frazier. The Doc has traveled around the globe 4 times by motorcycle. I’m sure this will be a good read.

Cruisin’ Down Under – a great blog

Cruisin’ Down Under is a great motorcycle blog by the Australian motorcyclist who goes by the name of Beaker. This YouTube video that he posted 2 days ago from a motorcycle awareness campaigne is a must see. Please visit his blog.

Cruisin’ Down Under
Blogger: the biker from down under known as Beaker
Platform: Powered by Blogger with archives back to June 2005
About: Beaker shows you in picture and story what it’s like to ride in Queensland, Australia. He is still blogging even though he has been sent to a far away land on work assignment. He has a new blog about his experience in Kazakhstan. Check out both these blogs to see these exotic countries through the eyes of a true biker.

Dyna Touring Bike – 2 Bikes In 1

Dyna Touring Bike Fully Loaded - Living Large!

The great Buzz Buzzelli of American Rider magazine hits the nail on the head with his article 2 Bikes in 1. He must have read my mind when he wrote this.

Last August I made the decision to upgrade from Sportster to Big Twin. The reason was that my wife and I wanted to do more touring and the Sporty felt cramped for that type of riding. I wanted a bike that would be both Boulevard Brawler and Touring Bike. You can accomplish this by using detachable components. Buzz wrote Any one of Harley’s five FXD models is a perfect candidate for the convertible treatment. For those riders who want the stark minimum in mechanical encumbrance, the FXD Super Glide is clearly the prime choice”.

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ICE = In Case of Emergency

I recently received an e-mail from a fellow HOG member here in Delaware with a great idea. Everyone should program their emergency contact phone numbers in their cell phone under ICE which stands for “In Case of Emergency”. Put a blank space in front of ICE so that it is the first number listed. You can have multiple ICE numbers such as ICE1, ICE2, ICE3.

This will help emergency workers contact your family if anything should happen to you. A paramedic came up with this idea.

This tip could be very helpful in an emergency. You should e-mail everyone you know to do this, especially your motorcycle riding brothers and sisters. Please spread the word!

If anyone has additional safety tips of this nature, please post them here under comments.

Why do we love Harley Davidson?

Is the desire to own a Harley hard wired into the DNA of every red blooded American? You can get a better motorcycle for less money elsewhere! There are other American motorcycles. Why do we still insist Harley is the best?


People all around the world love Harley Davidson motorcycles. Especially here in America! And if you love Harley Davidson’s than you love everything related to them. Heck, I just received a Harley Davidson Monopoly game as a gift. I don’t play Monopoly, but I do like this game! You could give me a drink coaster, key chain or any trinket with the Harley Davidson logo on it and I would like it! Why do we love the Harley Davidson brand? Why is the Harley Davidson logo the most common tattoo to be permanently inked on human flesh? It’s not the outstanding workmanship. It’s not the pricing. According to Steve Bennett in a letter to the editors of Motorcycle Consumer News it’s all due to image! This letter, Separating Motorcycling and H-D, appears in the January 2008 issue.  It can’t be that simple Steve!

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Get Your 2008 Motorcycle Calendar

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