I Am Not A Biker Anymore

“I am not a biker!”

Sounds strange to declare this to the motorcycle blogosphere where it is a badge of honor to be called a biker. We biker bloggers have bickered about who wears the badge and who doesn’t. Furthmore, it is strange because two posts ago I declared that I had returned after taking a break… but I was mistaken. To return would be to go backwards or stagnate. I am a fast moving training projecting forward! Been there, done that, not returning!

Nothing against motorcycles and bikers. I still love bikes (and my biker freinds) but they are not my only passion. I also love muscle cars, the outdoors, tropical vacations and so much more. I argue today that a biker is someone who defines his or herself by their obsession with motorcycles. This is their single most important defining character trait that tells you exactly what they are all about. I no longer fit that catagory. Sorry, I am past the point of no return. I obsessed on the motorcycle lifestyle for most of the past ten years. Time to expand my horizons and not feel guilty about it. Motorcycles will no longer define who I am, how I dress, who I associate with and my attitude toward life and other people. I am so much more than I was!

I owe the motorcycle community and the Harley Owners Group a debt of gratitude. For awakening the spirit of adventure in me. For introducing me to hundreds of new friends. For giving me the opportunity to develop as a leader.

I will continue to be a Harley-Davidson enthusiast, a writer, a speaker and a leader but it is time to take off the blinders. I refuse to be a walking talking billboard for Harley-Davidson. I paid my dues. I took a lot of two wheel trips, paid a lot of mechanics and bought alot of motorcycle accesories. In many cases I wish I had that money back. Anyone want a black t-shirt? I have extra. 

I am not a biker anymore. But I still love them and still ride… but not until spring.

I might not post here anymore but I will keep the webiste up for now. It was a labor of love. We have too much invested in it to take it down. Please read the blog posts if you are new to Road Captain USA. If biking is your passion then please continue riding and enjoy the journey. For me, the journey has only begun. There is more to see and do before my time is over. I hope you understand and don’t take offense.

Farewell motorcycle blogosphere… after blogging about motorcycles for six years it might be time to blog about something else. Keep the rubber side down and the shiney side up my friends. I’m outa here!

Are Bikers Comical?

It seems ironic or somehow dynamic to me that although we have accepted the leather clad tattoo’d biker figure as threatening in our culture… more often than not media depicts the biker as a clown. For example take the latest Mr Clean television commercial:

You can go back to Beach Blanket Bingo of 1965 to see an older example:

Although in real life some bikers are scarey like the more realistic depiction in Terminator 2 from 1991… why do you think it is so easy to depict them as silly like the Black Widows in Anyway Which Way But Loose from 1978 or more recently the Del Fuegos from Wild Hogs in 2007?

Although I own black leather jacket, vest, chaps and boots you won’t find me grocery shopping or doing housework in them. I don’t lounge around the house wearing them. I find the leather jacket and chaps functional but the only good use for my vest is to display patches. With all the synthetic jackets out there that are waterproof, warm, abrasion resistant and easier to see in brighter colors I’m not sure why I stick to leather. I have stopped wearing “biker boots” and traded them in for traditional Timberland brand work boots that are more comfortable for walking when I get off my bike. Honestly, I sometimes feel silly in my biker gear at gas stations and restaurants. Reminds me of the 2008 blog post by Steve Johnson at Motorcycle Philosophy called How To Look Like A Biker.

Click here to check it out.

Back to the question: Why is it so easy to make fun of the biker image? Are we silly looking?

Return Of Jay

After blogging at least once a week since 2008 I completely missed July and August of 2013 and have not posted since June. My priorities have changed and I am no longer obsessed with motorcycles. After about 20 years I am returning to an obsession with network marketing. We’ll see how that goes. I hope affordable green energy is more lucrative than soap.

I took a break from being a Road Captain as well. It’s been about 13 months since I officially asked to be benched. Today I led my first ride since then and will lead another next month. Maybe I’ll lead a third ride in November before it gets too cold for me.

A Great Group at Woodside

We had a great group. Part of my dislike for Road Captaining that led me to taking a break is the large groups we get in HOG. In my opinion, 6 is the perfect group and anything over 8 is too many. So today’s group of 7 bikes was perfect for me. Another thing I changed to suit me was the start time. For awhile riding got my blood flowing and I could get up for these things in the morning, but as riding became less exciting for me I returned to being a late sleeper on the weekends. So I put up a ride that met at lunchtime. That’s about when I’m ready for the day to start. Before then I’m just getting warmed up.

I also had to take a break because I felt overly responsible for everyone’s well being. I was Director of First State HOG Chapter for three years and got to feel like the members were my family. I actually felt like I was the parent and the members were my children and I was responsible for all of them. I never had kids so this was my substitution for what was missing in my life. Silly isn’t it? Now combine that with witnessing a fatal accident on one of our rides in April of 2009 when I was riding sweep. We lost a close friend. Motorcycle accidents became very real to me after that. So leading large groups of twenty motorcyclists who I felt were all my children and under my protection became too stressful. I definitely needed a break from Road Captaining soon after my three years of Director were over.

This is a good time of year to return to the front of the pack. Fall weather is perfect for riding. Here is a picture I took today. A sign of things to come. Sometimes I feel like the lone red leaf among all the green leaves. Sometimes? More like all the time!

A Sign of Things to Come

Man on a Mission

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Excuse Me!

Sorry I have not been blogging. Been busy helping my parents and was also locked out of my blog due to proactive defensive move made by my hosting service who was under attack by evil hackers. Will write something soon. Sorry.

The Best Saddlebags for your Harley-Davidson®

If your motorcycle didn’t come with saddlebags then they might be the first accessory you want to consider. You’ll need luggage space whether you do day trips or long road trips. Saddlebags provide a convenient place to pack tools, rain gear, toiletries, sweatshirt, jacket and a complete change of clothes. You may not be able to take ten different pairs of shoes or your hair dryer but at least you can bring along a comfortable pair of flip flops, sandals or sneakers on your next trip… if you have saddlebags.

Saddlebags for your Harley-davidson

Saddlebags can be easily installed onto the rear of your motorbike. There are a number of detachable systems available or you can go with the traditional permanently mounted bags. There are soft bags and rigid bags. You can even go cowboy style with leather throw over saddlebags that straddle the passenger seat or fender.

How to choose the best saddlebag for you:
Before exploring the world of motorcycle saddlebags for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles it is important to decide what you want from your saddlebags. For example, Corbin Beetle Bags have a capacity of about 30 liters, which makes them perfect for some people but unnecessary for others. Size, capacity, durability and appearance are all considerations.  These factors will determine which saddlebags are right for you.

The best saddlebags for your Harley-Davidson®:
Which saddlebags appeal to your taste? There are many to choose from and only you can be the expert in what you like. Auburn Leather Legend bags are made from black American cowhide and have a very stylish appearance, so they are a great option for any rider who is concerned with how saddlebags will affect their motorbike aesthetically. They are available in throw over and bolt on and are a good size for most bikes. Another great looking bag is the Boss Bags, which come in either plain trimmings or black leather with heavy plastic. They are adorned with buckle straps making them attractive and easy to use. Viking Bags Desperado Saddlebags are some of the best saddlebags in terms of being hard. If your main concern is keeping your belongings protected and having bags that will keep their shape, these are the perfect choice.

There are many shapes and sizes to choose from so you find the best fit for your bike. If quality and style is your priority, Patriot Hard bags are a great choice. They have a water tight gasket seal! They look great and are extremely practical. Your luggage will be dry, even if you get drenched in a downpour. You’ll be glad you have a dry change of clothes once you get to your destination.

All of the products described above are the best quality hard bags for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. There are also soft saddlebags but we recommend hard bags for Harley®.  Hard bags maintain their shape well and will offer the most protection for your luggage.

There are many saddlebags to choose from and we wish you luck finding the best saddlebags for you!